Runaway Train 25

The Milk Carton Of The 21st Century

Today we launch our most ambitious online campaign to date – a campaign over four years in the making. With the support of an array of generous partners, we created something truly impactful that will help us recover missing children.

Twenty five years ago, Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” music video featured images of missing children, and helped close 21 cases. If one video could recover that many children, how many can we find with the power of new technology and social media?

For the 25th anniversary, we re-imagined “Runaway Train” with new artists, and a dynamic music video that updates itself with missing children from the NCMEC database, specific to a viewer’s location.

That means more missing children in front of more people, in more relevant places.

We are honored to have three incredibly talented artists: Jamie N Commons, Skylar Grey and Gallant singing “Runaway Train” and joining us in helping find and bring home missing children.

Watch #RunawayTrain25 and help us bring home #MissingKids


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