GASP (Guardians Advocating Child Safety and Protection) delivers child safety education and outreach programs, free of charge, to schools, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, police departments, nonprofit groups and other agencies which request our presence at their functions.

Take Home Fingerprint/ID Kits

  • Kits are available for Summit County and surrounding communities.
  • Kits are delivered directly to your organization.
  • All kits come with additional safety information & DNA kits.

Click here to request Take-Home Kits for your event.

Kids’ Identification/Fingerprinting Events

GASP produces free computer-generated discs to share with law enforcement if a child is missing.   The discs include:

  • Photos
  • Video with voice
  • Digital fingerprints
  • Pertinent information
  • No Data Base

Education and Outreach Programs

  • Child Safety and Empowerment Program (CSEP): GASP collaborates with schools, law enforcement agencies and youth-based organizations to provide safety and prevention information and tools for children and their families.
  • Speaker’s Bureau: GASP gives presentations to community groups on a wide variety of topics relating to child safety and abuse and distribute safety-related materials.
  • National Missing Children’s Day: GASP coordinates this event in conjunction with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We partner with other local agencies to promote awareness and education programs.

Search Teams

GASP has the only trained volunteer search team in the United States ready to assist in the search for missing children and adults.

Court Observations

GASP regularly attends and observes local trials and sentencing hearings for sex offenders, sending a powerful message to judges and the community at large that GASP is watching to protect our children.

Resource and Referral Base

GASP is a resource and referral base for families who have children or other family members who are victims of abuse or abduction.

To find out how you can be involved with our work, visit our volunteer page.  If you would like to request programs at your organization, please contact us.


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